Ways to Keep People on Your Website for Longer Times

Ways to Keep People on Your Website for Longer Times

We are living in a virtual world. On average, people spend up to 29 hours online every month. And do you know which site they visit the most? Google!

If you have a business website, you want to boost your search engine optimization so that your company can appear on Google’s front page. One way of improving your search engine ranking is by improving your bounce rate.

A bounce rate is the amount of time it takes a user before they decide to leave your page. You have less than 6 seconds to grab the attention of the reader before they bounce back.

How do you do that? Here are a couple of things you can do to make people stay on your site.

Fulfill Your Headline’s Promise

Clickbait has a bad reputation because of one thing: people dislike getting false promises. Your website’s blog posts and landing pages should fulfil the promise set by the headline if you are to have people reading your content for longer.

Don’t make the mistake of promising one thing in the title and delivering something different in the content. A click-worthy headline will not do any justice to your website if the content can’t match up to the hype.

Make Your Content Scannable

Did you know that users spend less than 6 seconds scanning a website’s content?

It’s very rare for people to read your content word for word. Rather, they scan the page and pick out vital words and phrases.

If your content consists of long sentences and paragraphs that can’t be easily scanned, no one will stay to read more. They will leave to find content elsewhere.

To make your content scannable,

  • Ensure readability: Play around with font size and line spacing to make the content easy to read.
  • Use bullet points: Lists stand out from the rest of the text, helping a reader scan key points of the content.
  • Engaging subheadings: They provide a visual break in the content and pique the reader’s curiosity, preventing them from losing interest and leaving.

Reduce Page Load Times

Not even the best content will have visitors waiting for your site to load. A one-second delay in page response may cause a 7% decrease in conversions. That is to say, if you downplay page speed, you’ll not maintain visitors for long.

To improve your page loading time, focus on two things:

  • Image compression: Reduce the size of your images by compressing them if they are unnecessarily big.
  • Use a content delivery network: A CDN is a network of several servers distributed at different locations across the world to reduce load time. Your CDN service can cache your website’s files and use the closest server to deliver content to your site visitors.

Implement Exit Intent Popup

If the majority of visitors who leave your website never come back, it means your marketing efforts are fruitless.

An exit intent popup can help you detect when a visitor intends to leave the site and prompt them to stay put using a targeted campaign.

Exit-intent popups are very effective because they attract attention without disturbing website visitors.