Spectre and Meltdown

What are Spectre and Meltdown?

Spectre and Meltdown are CPU exploits that can be used to monitor and intercept private information from a computer’s operating system. This is considered a hardware vulnerability and is thus more difficult to mitigate by software means. However, major vendors are already providing updates for their customers to address the proposed threats.

What happens now?

Mexxus Multimedie Hosting is aware of the issue and working hard to make sure our fleet remains secure as always. Our Systems Administration Team is performing emergency maintenance across all servers to patch this threat. The Systems Administration Team will reboot servers once they have finished patching them. We expect minimal downtime for the application of the patch and cannot have this scheduled for any specific time.

We take your account’s security very seriously. While we understand that this process may cause some frustration for you, it is necessary to protect your account from this threat.

Dedicated Server customers are responsible to apply patches and reboot their servers.