Online marketing is probably the hottest thing since the invention of sliced bread, and it is rightfully so since millions of people across the world are connected to the internet for several hours a day. Today, a consumer who wants to purchase a particular product or service will most likely reach out for the mouse or smartphone and search the internet. This has led many businesses and marketers into believing that print marketing is dead, but the truth is that print marketing is still essential to your business.

This form of marketing is still much alive, and it is always a vital component of any successful marketing strategy.  In fact, print marketing may just be what you need to take your business to the next level. Here are some of the top reasons why print marketing is still important to your business.

Millennials Love Print Marketing

Today, millennials form the largest group of consumers and any business that wants to remain relevant must find a way of resonating with this group of consumers. While millennials are perceived to be more digitally-connected, and media-savvy compared to the previous generations, the truth is that they also love consuming print content. According to recent research, millennials tend to respond more to printed material than they do to email.

Over 80% of them admit that they are more willing to engage with retail print material. Maybe, it is the joy of receiving something tangible through their mails or being handed a flyer or leaflet that they can keep that makes them love print marketing. Whatever the reason, if you want to push your brand to millennials, its worth ensuring that your business printing services are top-notch to help you embrace print marketing.

Print Marketing Is More Personal

Feeling noticed, appreciated, and cared for is one of the primary ways of turning someone from a prospect into a client and print marketing can help you accomplish this goal so fast. Typically, this form of marketing will have the advantage of making your customers feel noticed and cared for since there is something more personal about receiving something in your mail versus digitally. Print marketing offers you an opportunity to use personalized postage stamps, special paper material, and even unique packaging material to make your clients feel valued.

It’s More Engaging

While most people tend to skim read things that they view online to pick out the key points, they are much more likely to pay greater attention to marketing material in print form. Think about the last time that you picked a physical form of marketing material such as a brochure. Chances are, you spent more time going through it than you would have spent reading a web page online.

That is the beauty of print marketing. It grabs the attention of people and makes them spent a lot of time reading about your products and services which increases the chances of a prospect turning into a customer.

Helps You Reach Your Specific Target Market

When you are targeting specific demographics, it is always good to remember the fact that certain promotional strategies and efforts are much more effective than others. This is the primary reason why some businesses still use the big yellow book. Once you know your target market, it can be relatively easy to reach them through your print marketing strategy. There are lots of magazines and other print publications out there that are aimed at specific niche markets.

For instance, if your target audience will most likely have an interest in reading a niche magazine, then the best thing to do is to post an ad in that specific magazine or publication so that they would be likely to read it. By doing so, you aren’t wasting a lot of money targeting the wrong markets.