Promotional marketing involves the use of brand-relevant items or special offers in a bid to increase brand recognition and influence consumers to make a purchase.

Promotional products, when used together with a customized logo help to enhance appeal and create a dedicated clientele base in the long run. Additionally, they offer new consumers with a good reason to ditch their existing brand choice and try out a new product.

Here are the top five ways they raise brand awareness:


#1 Powerful Launching Platform

If you are have just started with your business venture, you are probably looking for ways to launch your business in the sea of equally worthy competitors. Well, promotional items are tried-and-tested, cheap ways to promote brand recognition. Creatively designed marketing products help your business to stand out and stay on the top of the minds of your customers, both current and potential. Think about this: If you’d have to choose to between a pricey and established brand and a relatively new brand that offers attractive giveaways, what would do? We think you would opt for the latter, at least for the first time. Obviously the quality of the service/product you pay for will influence your decision the second time around. Anyway, promotional products do serve their purpose. This simple fact makes them a must for people who want to create a buzz in the market.


#2 Wider outreach

When your advertising budget is tight, low-cost promotional items produced en mass can have a large and lasting impact on your customers, thereby giving you a great value for your investment. Simple giveaways that showcase your brand logo instill a sense of goodwill and loyalty in your prospective clients. This is especially true when you are using everyday products to create awareness, like t-shirts, coffee mugs, kerchief, caps or jute bags. The idea is to come up with items that your consumers are more likely to use daily, because the more they are seen with your brand products, the more they are able to create brand awareness. If you own a store, including a cute takeaway with every purchase is a nice token of gratitude.


#3 Creates Repeat Exposure

As a business owner, the constant thing going on in your mind is getting more and more clients, and loyal customers. You are always wondering what to do in order to stay in the mind of needy, potential customers, and that too without shelling out a whole lot of money. Well, promotional items is your answer. Use of promotional products has a higher chances of creating repeat exposure than your logo alone. In this regard, it’s important to understand the kind of items your clients are likely to use. Also, these should resonate with your business idea and strike a cord with your clients. For example, if you run a bar, consider handing out free koozies or bottle openers, or if you are into garment retail, give out t-shirts that flaunt your logo, as well as a nice little slogan for added effect.


#4 Generates More Sales

Promotional products magnify the revenue-generating effect of logos. They draw your target clients and come across as alluring, exciting items that they can wear or use as they wish. Research shows that a whopping 80% of consumers are more likely to switch brands just to avail an attractive giveaway. Also, around 46% of these same consumers tend to stick with the new brand in the hope of getting more such items. Human mind is greedy after all, and your best bet is to take advantage of this!


#5 Higher Subconscious Appeal

Unique promotional items that showcase your particular brand logo are known to appeal directly to the subconscious mind of consumers. In fact, even researchers have said that up to 90% of client behavior is driven by their subconscious minds. Studies based on neuro-imaging research technologies suggest that the unconscious mind plays a pivotal role in a consumer’s decision on how and what to buy. Thus, any marketing strategy should invariably seek to influence the subconscious minds of people. An example of this is the very popular use of number 9 to drive sales. You will generally find products that priced at $5.99, or $7.99, or $8.99 rather than $5 or $7 or $8 This is because this magical number 9 has been found to trigger people into instant action and in this case, an instant purchase. For promotional marketing, it always helps to plant a small slogan or image along with your logo. This emits positive vibes of power, enthusiasm, achievement – all qualities that people prefer in a particular company.

An understanding of the various benefits of promotional items is important to properly implement them in your advertising campaign. It also helps to take some time to learn what your prospective clients need and then give them marketing gifts that add value to their everyday lives.