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How many online orders have you got today?

Did you know that online ordering now represents 40% of the daily takeaway and delivery ordering and the number keeps growing? We have created an affordable restaurant delivery & takeout system with stunning website to help restaurants get online and take orders easily and affordably.

Online ordering is 24/7

Your restaurant might not be opened 24/7 but with the right ordering system, your customers can place orders anytime! Clients can schedule a later pickup or delivery time. As soon as you open, you get the full list of orders that happened overnight.

Save Money / Make Money

Online ordering means less hassle on handling undecided clients via phone and the staff time lost in the process. Moreover, with an online food ordering system like this one the order confirmation is received by the client in real time. That’s why your clients will love ordering again and again.

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Benefits of an Online Ordering System for Restaurant

Advancement in technology is the order of the day in many businesses, including restaurants. Diners now have the option of accessing their favorite restaurants anywhere, anytime.
Restaurants have adopted online reservations, online take-out, and online pick-ups. Any restaurant that is yet to embrace these tech aspects is on the verge of falling out of business.
One of the booming technologies in the recent past is the online ordering system. Are you asking why this trend so popular in the restaurant industry?

Here are some of the benefits an online ordering system brings to restaurants:


Convenience is essential, especially in modern days where every minute and second counts. Lifestyles have changed drastically, forcing people to do things in a rush.

With the online ordering system for restaurants, you can order your favorite restaurant’s food just clicks away. The convenience that this system provides is on another level.

Customers have great control over their orders, hence minimizing any mix-up situations. The restaurant doesn’t take the order over the phone or in-person. This saves them money as they don’t need more staff.


Cheap Marketing Tool

You are always ahead of your customers if you have an online ordering system. You don’t have to go to the media to advertise your restaurant or put it on billboards. The only requirement is the internet and a user-friendly website.

You can also use other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram, to reach out to your target audience.


Efficient Customer and Order Management

An online ordering system for restaurants ensures there is a customer-restaurant relationship. The system offers perfect customer relationship management. Any information about the restaurants ranging from new orders, active orders, canceled orders are all in the system.


Increased Sales

Boosting sales is easier when you use an online ordering system.

Online ordering system gives customers much time to browse their menu without rushing. When they have a lot of time to look over their menu, their order will also increase. You can also improve sales by running some promotions on their menu to influence their purchase rate.


Improved Relevancy

If you want to improve your restaurant’s profits, you have to remain relevant at all costs. Keep up with the emerging and trendy ideas in the market.

Make sure you can compete with others in the market. Put everything about your restaurant on your website. Let customers learn of your online food ordering daily.