When it comes to updating your corporate website promptly, the one rule that you need to keep in mind is that; there are no rules. Deciding whether to update, re-engineer or redesign your business website should depend on your specific business goals, objectives, online marketing strategy, search engine intent, and most importantly, your current economic situation.

However, before you ignore your site for too long, think about the number of potential clients that you may miss out on since your site can’t provide relevant and up-to-date information to satisfy their needs. Updating your business website with fresh content regularly is crucial to your content marketing strategy.  Before we try to answer the question of how often you need to update your site, we shall explain the meaning of fresh content and why it is crucial.

What Is Fresh Content?

Fresh content is something that many people out there tend to misunderstand which makes their updating job more difficult. It is good to note that “fresh content” doesn’t necessarily mean content that is totally new for the web, but it is content that is new for that particular website, and it isn’t found anywhere else on the internet in the same format.

For instance, this article that you are reading is fresh content for this site and qualifies to be classified as fresh content. Fresh in the context of content and online marketing doesn’t imply new concepts, theories, or items but something that is unique for a particular blog or website. Keep in mind that fresh content could also mean an edited copy of existing content.

Why Is Updating Your Website with Fresh Content Important?

The primary goal of all search engines is to provide online users with relevant and accurate information that best matches their search query. To establish the accuracy and usefulness of any given web page, search engine algorithms usually consider the number of its ranking signals. These ranking signals include the quality and freshness of the content and the number of keywords that appear on that webpage. Search engines love new content, and they will most likely ignore your site if it doesn’t feature any fresh content.

Updating your website with fresh content is also critical in keeping your business relevant. Over time, your product and service offerings to customers might change so too might the customers you are hoping to attract. Updating your site regularly with fresh content will help you to keep the website content relevant to your target audience.

How Often Should You Update Your Website

Therefore, the big question is; how often should you update your website?  For corporate sites that offer informational and research-based content, regular updates might not be so critical since they can stand the test of time. However, it is good to keep on improving the overall quality of your content and ensure that it is evergreen, relevant, and accurate to your target audience. These types of sites might be official corporate websites or blogs that don’t need daily updates.  Updating such sites at least once or twice per month is sufficient to help keep the content unique and beneficial to the user.

If you run a website that provides information or news about recent events or hot trending topics, then you need regular fresh content to keep your users informed. Updating such sites on a daily basis is critical. Similarly, if your sites offer services and products,  you can enhance your overall customer experience and even attract new customers  by providing them with industry-relevant information on a regular basis.