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Cheap reliable Web Hosting

At Mexxus, we are so confident you will love our web hosting service that we are offering you this Cheap Web Hosting plan to get started. Every paid web hosting solution we offer is supported by a dedicated team of experienced, certified professionals with specific knowledge about your needs and your unique business objectives. Our Cheap web hosting plan is perfect to get your started with the Mexxus family of web hosting services.

$10 / month


2 GB Disk Space


5 POP3 or IMAP Email Accounts


150 GB Data Transfer


Unlimited Autoresponders


Unlimited Mail Forwards


Unlimited Email Aliases


Spam filtering


Jet Backup

*Terms & Conditions can be read here.

*Prices indicated are based on 12 month term
Other options available upon checkout.

cPanel – Built for Everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a boutique web shop, a corporation, or just a freelance techie, anyone can use the cPanel control panel included with the Cheap Web Hosting plan

Plan Upgrades

Extra Email Account

Add an additional email account to your cheap hosting

$5 per year

Add a Database

Add MySQL Database to your free hosting.

$5 per year

Add DNS Zone editor

Add DNS zone editor to your free hosting

$5 per year


Enable SSL encryption to your free hosting.

$20 per year