Why use business cards? Do they still matter? These are some of the common questions being asked by entrepreneurs who either want to start or expand their businesses. Although some people will say that business cards don’t matter since you can easily share your contact information digitally, these cards are still highly relevant.

That small card that you give to a new person that you meet for the first time can be your direct ticket to getting more clients and growing your business. These cards may be small, but they can open doors and lead to the expansion and development of your business or career.

Here are the top five reasons why business cards still matter.


They Are the Most Effective Direct Marketing Tools

Search engine optimization, email marketing, and paid media can all do an excellent job of attracting new clients to your business, but they aren’t as effective as an in-person meeting complemented with a warm handshake and a business card exchange. You can encounter a potential customer or partner anywhere, anytime and having well-designed business cards will ensure that you don’t miss a chance to make a valuable business connection.

First Impression Matter

The only thing that will make or break the deal is the first impression that you portray. Handing out a business card when you meet a person for the first time will always make a good impression. As part of your introduction, present that person with an attractive business card containing all the essential information about you: Your full name, email address, services offered, office address, and contact number.

Business Cards Show that You Are Professional

Handing your potential customer a business card shows that you are professional. The simple fact that you took your time to organize your most important information in a card can separate you from 99 percent of the other people out there who are looking to expand their businesses. Your ability to come up with something that puts your information together sets you apart and separates you from the competition.

They Are Convenient

In this era of smartphones and email addresses, giving out all your details can be a real pain especially if you are in a hurry. Imagine waiting for the other person to get out their smartphone, unlocking it, typing the contact number, name and so on- Sometimes, this seems awkward. You can avoid such situations and save a lot of time if you have cheap business cards- simply drop your hand in your pocket, get out a business card, hand it over, and smile.

Business Cards Get Shared, Marketing You Further

A business card is a physical object that a potential client leaves the encounter with. Technically, your brand stays with the potential prospect. If you meet a person and exchange phone numbers and email address, your meeting ends there- nothing more than that. However, if you hand over a business card, it makes a perfect impression, and the person will most likely show your card to other people, marketing you and your brand further.

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